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So you want to become an authorised Western Arms dealer?

You have the premises or have an Internet presence Now for the hardest part.

Which of Western Arms current line of over 30 pistols do you go for?
One of each so that you can cater to all sounds good, until two people both ask for the same thing, and already you have to use the scariest phrase of all ?Sorry we are currently out of stock, but will have more in shortly?.

Rather than go through the anxiety of having to choose your initial stock purchase, why not purchase and sell ?Virtual? guns.

What the hell are virtual guns I hear.

Well the scheme is very simple but incredibly effective. It works like this.

1. To qualify for the scheme, you need to place an initial order for £1000.

2. On your web site, you display a full range of Western Arms goods at whatever pricing level you deem appropriate. Your customers make contact with you to ascertain stock levels. You then make contact with us to confirm whether the items are available. If they are (and on average we keep 100+ units in at all times) we confirm this and you complete the sale, taking whatever payment is agreed.

3. You then pass the details including name and address to us, and we will despatch it according to whatever delivery method is chosen, currently limited to 24 and 48 hour service.
If you supply us with a bundle of compliments slips, we?ll even include these on your behalf.

4. Your account is then debited the trade price of the item sold, plus the postage.

5. When your account reaches zero, or perhaps a little beforehand, we?ll make contact, and you can then purchase your next level of credit, probably £500 upwards.

6. Repeat 2-5 until you have a larger customer base and a smile on your face.

It?s that simple. No large stock holding, limited outlay, limited transport costs.

Once a pattern emerges which items are more popular, you may wish to keep the stock yourself, until that time, use our buying power and stock levels to help you build your business.


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